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IVF in India

Support For You And Your Baby Through Knowledge, Compassion And Dignity

Getting ready for a new baby, pregnancy or childbirth? We take you through this complex and emotional journey, every step of the way - with advanced women’s healthcare solutions you can trust.


IVF in India

Support For You And Your Baby Through Knowledge, Compassion And Dignity


Getting ready for a new baby, pregnancy or childbirth? We take you through this complex and emotional journey, every step of the way - with advanced women’s healthcare solutions you can trust.


Medical Travel Cost

Daily Commute

IVF Cost In India

For A Patient From United States

No. of Travellers 2
Days in Hospital 0
Days Outside Hospital 45
Total days in India 45
Treatment Cost USD 3,500

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Doctor for IVF - Dr. Nandita P. Palshetkar

Dr. Nandita P. Palshetkar

IVF Specialist

20 years of experience , Mumbai

Doctor for IVF - Dr. Kaberi Banerjee

Dr. Kaberi Banerjee

IVF Specialist

22 years of experience , New Delhi

Doctor for IVF - Dr. Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi

IVF Specialist

30 years of experience , New Delhi

Doctor for IVF - Dr. Prochi Madon

Dr. Prochi Madon

IVF Specialist

19 years of experience , Mumbai

More About IVF Treatment

Diagnosis for performing IVF Treatment

IVF is performed in cases of infertility which may be due to

  • Advanced age of the woman

  • Damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes

  • Decreased sperm count and blockage causing male infertility

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Endometriosis

  • Ovulation disorders ,uterine fibroids


Procedure of IVF Treatment

I: Stimulation of ovaries also called super ovulation

  • Medicines, called fertility drugs, are given to the woman to boost egg production.

  • Blood tests for hormone levels and ultrasounds to examine ovaries are performed regularly .


II: Egg retrieval/ follicular aspiration

  • Procedure called follicular aspiration, is done to remove the eggs from the woman's body.

  • The is performed as an  outpatient procedure under sedation with  no incision only by using ultrasound images as  guide, a thin needle is inserted into the ovary and sacs (follicles) containing the eggs. The needle is connected to a suction device, which pulls the eggs and fluid out of each follicle, one at a time.

  • The procedure is repeated for the other ovary.

  • In few  cases  laparoscopy may be performed to remove the eggs .

  • If a woman does not or cannot produce any eggs, donor eggs may be used.


III: Insemination

  • Sperm is placed together with the best quality eggs. The mixing of the sperm and egg is called insemination.

  • Eggs and sperm are then stored in an environmentally controlled chamber. The sperm most often enters (fertilizes) an egg a few hours after insemination.

  • In few cases the sperm may be directly injected into the egg. This is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

  • Many a doctors   routinely do ICSI on some of the eggs, even if things appear normal.


IV :  Transfer of embryo to uterus

  • When the fertilized egg divides, it becomes an embryo. Laboratory staff will regularly check the embryo to make sure it is growing properly. Within about 5 days, a normal embryo has several cells that are actively dividing

  • Embryos are placed into the uterus  3 to 5 days after  fertilization through a catheter

  •  If an embryo implants in the lining of the womb and grows, pregnancy results.

  • More than one embryo may be placed into the uterus at the same time, which can lead to twins, triplets, or more.


After the Procedure of IVF

  • Rest adviced for the remainder day , most can return to normal activities by next day .

  • Complete bed rest not required .

  • Recommended daily hormone progesterone for 8-10 weeks for normal course of pregnancy and to avoid miscarriage.

  • Pregnancy test  performed about 12 to 14 days after the embryo transfer.


Complications of IVF treatment

  • Chances of multiple pregnancies as more than one embryo is placed in uterus ,leading  high risk of premature birth and low birth weight baby.

  • Egg retrieval can  result in  bleeding, infection, and damage to ovaries and surrounding structures. 

  • There may be temporary  cramping after egg retrieval which may last for a day or two.

  • Many couples suffer psychological stress and depression especially if IVF not successful .

  • Financially and emotionally challenging treatment .

  • Rarely  fertility medications  may cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).



Factors affecting cost of IVF

The cost to the patient depends on a variety of factors like

  • The hospital, the patient chooses.

  • Fee for the team of doctors.

  • Medicines.

  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures.

  • Cost of the procedure

  • Cost of the follow –up care required after the procedure


IVF Procedure: 3.17 Min

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